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I started my path toward being a writer by taking writing workshops with a local author in Portsmouth in 1992.  I never had a great relationship with English, but I loved to tell stories.  Taking workshops for a couple of years, meeting other writers, creating characters and worlds, and seeing my stories come to life on paper was exciting, and I was very quickly hooked.

In 2001, I published my first essay, titled "Routine Kisses".  Shortly after, I began writing a column on single parenting called "On Our Own," in a local newspaper called Our Times.   I wrote the monthly column for two years, recording and sharing stories of life with my young son.

I co-wrote a book title A Group of One's Own: Nurturing the Woman Writer, which was published in 2003, and wrote Daytrips Quebec, which was published in 2006.

In 2009, I earned an MFA in Fiction Writing from Southern New Hampshire University.

While I still write essays and other non-fiction, my current focus is on fiction writing.

"The Gender Thing"

This essay was originally published as one of

my monthly columns for Our Times.


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