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I offer a variety of writing services and services for writers.

Each job is priced individually, based on the full scope of the specific project.  Prices noted on this website are guidelines, to give you a general idea of the costs, but are not guarantees.

For more information about any of these services, to discuss a particular project, or to receive a quote, contact me.

Editing & Book Doctor Services

Every writer needs feedback.  Some need high level feedback about the overall project and/or feedback on structure and plot.  Others need detailed line editing and proofreading.  And still others may need someone to really go through their manuscript to fix issues with editing, standardization, citations, and formatting. 

I can work with you to provide any level of editing and feedback services, or can go in and whip your manuscript into polished and submitable shape.

Prices are based on the size of the manuscript and level of feedback or editing work neeed.


Are you working on a writing project but need help?  Maybe you need help working through the writing process or getting past a writing block.  Maybe you need help with a variety of services, such as a bit of editing help, some help with structure and organization, and some guidance with creative writing skills, such as dialogue, character development, or setting.

With coaching, I work with you on a larger, longer writing project, such as a collection of short stories, novel, or memoir.  The work we do and the focus of the coaching will be determined by your individual needs and the needs of your project.  Work will include one-on-one meetings, feedback on writing, suggestions for exercises and practices, etc.

Pricing is based on the coaching package we design to suit your needs.

Currently booking coaching clients for June 2021 and on

Research Services

All forms of writing tend to need at least some research and fact checking, but not all writers have the time or interest in the detail work needed for thorough research.  Research might include searching online or in libraries; it might involve contacting specialists and experts; and it might involve visiting sites and doing observation. 

I am an experienced researcher.  More than that, I happen to love the process of research.  I enjoy seeking out key pieces of information, like solving a problem.

The cost of research services depends in part on the type of research being done and if any travel is required.  Fees start at $25 per hour (for Internet research), and may be higher or include fees if travel and professional correspondence with experts is required.

Other Possible Services for Writers

There may be times when a writer has need for certain services and when these special requests fit into my schedule.  I am open to requests for other services that may not be listed here, depending on availability. 

Additional services that might be available include, but are not limited to: ghostwriting, submission services, query letters, press releases, non-fiction book proposals.


Other services might be available for you if you want to self-publish, including book design and layout.

Freelance and Content Writing

Do you want articles, blogs, or other content for your newsletter or website but don't have the time or skills to write it?  Do you have business or technical documents that you'd like written for your business?  Or perhaps a history or documentation for your civic or social group?  A wide range of freelance and ghostwriting services are available, from short blogs or newsletter articles to book length manuscripts.

Overview of Policies

All work requires a signed contract before beginning.

Quotes are valid for 30 days.

One half of the fee is due at the time the contract is signed, prior to beginning work, and is not refundable.

The balance is due before completion or delivery of work.

Additional terms and payment schedules may be arranged upon request.

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