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I have taken art classes almost my entire life.  Creating art was my first love, and provides the perfect balance with my writing life.  I love art in all forms, and consequently have never been able to limit myself to just one art form.  I paint with oils and acrylics, create paper mache sculptures, do collage, and photography, and a wide range of varieties within and beyond these categories.  Honestly, I've never met an art form I didn't want to at least try.

A variety of my work can be found in my "shop" in the Seacoast Artist Association Gallery on Water Street in Downtown Exeter.

Check out the SAA with this link to the Seacoast Artist Association

My work is also shown in a number of galleries and shows throughout the seacoast area. 

Information about and samples of real estate photography services

Images that provide examples of my work.

Schedule of shows and exhibits where some of my work can be found.

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