Karen Desrosiers
Writer, Teacher, and Coach
Tutoring Services
I have been teaching writing to students in middle school, high school, and college for over ten years, working with students individually and in groups.  I am able to maintain a great repore with students of all ages, while gently guiding them to seek out their own voice and creativity, and instructing them in technique and craft.

Writng Tutor

Working on composition, craft, editing, and revision
Grammar, research, MLA/APA
Guiding students through the required drafts to complete a polished piece of
Essays and creative writing

Individual students or small groups

$35 per hour

Homeschool Programs

I can design a writing workshop for homeschooled children, families, and groups
to work on compostion, craft, editing, and revision, essays and creative writing.

Fees based on the number of students

For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Karen at kdesrosiers@ttlc.net

COMING SOON:  Workshop and tutoring opportunities online

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Karen Desrosiers             41 Washington Street, #3         Exeter, NH 03833                  kdesrosiers@ttlc.net