Karen Desrosiers
Publishing Opportunities
If you're a writer, what could be better than publishing opportunities owned and operated by fellow writers.  We understand what it's like to be on both sides of the publishing desk.  We know what writers want and what their books need. 

Purple World Publishing is a boutique publisher non-fiction books which promote the greater good.  We do socially responsible publishing of high-quality books that promote cultural understanding, diversity, and tolerance.

PWP Liberty is a subsidy publishing option within the Purple World family.  Liberty affords writers the same high standards of editorial, design, and publishing management, with flexibility in content/theme, and control over the financial aspects of the project.  Liberty projects do not have to fit the more narrow scope of book topics published by PWP.  Coming Soon!

Purple Rose Press is an eBook publishing branch of the Purple World family, coming soon.  We expect to have Purple Rose up and running strong fall 2013. 

What is subsidy publishing?

With subsidy publishing, the author shares in the expenses associated with producing and publishing their book, and receives a much greater share of the sales earned.
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